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Motorcycles are a common sight on the roads in and around Nashville. Many drivers aren’t responsible, and motorcycle accidents can happen that leave people seriously injured. If you’ve been hurt in a motorcycle accident, you need an experienced lawyer who knows what you’re going through. It’s time to call Thompson Law.

Attorney Christopher “Kim” Thompson has been representing injured motorcyclists for decades. He knows that many drivers don’t treat motorcycles as other vehicles. They tend to think of them as nuisances. Some don’t notice them at all. As a result, they drive irresponsibly and the result is often a crash.

Motorcyclists are vulnerable as they have almost no protection in a crash. So, they can suffer serious injuries. These include:

After being hurt in an accident, motorcyclists may need surgery, hospitalization, medication, and physical therapy. Recovery from their injuries may take months or even years. Some are left with a permanent disability and may require lifelong treatment. The medical expenses can add up quickly and soon become overwhelming.

An attorney with decades of experience

If you were hurt in a motorcycle accident caused by negligence, you deserve financial compensation but the process of recovering compensation is complicated. Negligent drivers typically deny doing anything wrong. This puts you in the position of having to take legal action to prove negligence.

Attorney Thompson knows what motorcyclists go through. He’s a motorcyclist himself. He knows what it’s like to be out on the road with irresponsible drivers. As a lawyer, he knows the obstacles injured motorcyclists face when trying to recover financial compensation.

Insurance companies are supposed to help when you’ve been injured in an accident. They have this mistaken belief that motorcyclists are thrill seekers who take unnecessary risks. The way they see it, motorcyclists must have been to blame for causing the accident. Attorney Thompson knows that the majority of motorcyclists are very responsible on the road.

There are also other tactics that insurance companies use to minimize your compensation. Attorney Thompson knows them all. He used to work for insurance companies. They may question the extent of your injuries or the need for certain treatment. They may even try to pin some of the blame for the accident on you.

Serving Davidson and surrounding counties

Attorney Thompson knows that the outcome of your accident depends on the facts of your case. That’s why he investigates your accident. He carefully reviews accident reports and medical records. He identifies and interviews witnesses. If needed, he consults accident reconstruction experts.

Thompson Law builds strong cases that hold negligent drivers accountable. When insurance companies see that attorney Thompson is prepared and ready to fight, they usually agree to talk about a settlement. Lowballs offers are not welcome here, however. Attorney Thompson will negotiate a settlement that meets your needs.

If you were injured in a motorcycle accident, talk to an experienced lawyer who understands what you’re going through. Contact motorcycle accident attorney Kim Thompson to schedule a free consultation.

Head and Brain Injuries
Sometimes a motorcyclist is hit directly by a car or truck. Other times, a motorcyclist is thrown from the bike and onto the ground. Both examples can cause serious head and brain injuries. During these types of collisions, the brain can crash into the inside of the skull. This can result in bruising, bleeding or swelling.

A motorcyclist can be left with a concussion or a traumatic brain injury (TBI). This can result in difficulty with speech, thinking, motor skills, balance, and walking. Victims may require long-term or lifelong care. The cost of this care can be extremely expensive.

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Broken Bones
Whether a motorcyclist is thrown from the bike or hit directly by a vehicle, the force of impact can result in broken bones. They may suffer broken bones in their arms, legs, wrists, hands or hips. In some cases, bones can become crushed or fragmented during the crash. Victims may need surgery and hospitalization.

Broken bones eventually heal but victims may be left with a partial disability. There may be additional medical expenses for medication, physical therapy, wheelchairs, crutches, and follow-up appointments. Because of the broken bones, victims may miss time from work, resulting in lost income.

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Internal Injuries
A motorcyclist may feel fine immediately following an accident. That doesn’t mean they are fine. They may have suffered damage to internal organs. These can include cuts or trauma to the liver, kidneys, spleen or pancreas. There may be tears in the aorta, bleeding around the lungs or a collapsed lung. There could be bleeding in the brain.

That’s why it’s important to get medical attention after a motorcycle accident. A medical professional can determine whether you have suffered an internal injury and take action. An injured motorcyclist may need surgery, hospitalization, and medication. Internal injuries can also result in a permanent disability.

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Biker's Arm
In many motorcycle accidents, a motorcyclist is knocked down to the ground or thrown from the bike. The natural instinct when this happens is to hold your arms out in front of you for protection. When this happens, the arms hit the ground with great force. This can result in a condition called “biker’s arm.”

The force of impact damages nerves in the arm. These include the brachial plexus, median nerve, radial nerve, and ulnar nerve. Injured motorcyclists may be left with limited arm movement. They may experience trouble using their hands and fingers. Symptoms may not appear for days or weeks. Treatment can help but some motorcyclists are left with a permanent disability.

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Road Rash
During a motorcycle accident, a motorcyclist can be thrown down and slide down the road before stopping. This can result in serious cuts and bruises to the skin – a condition known as “road rash.” Sometimes, the result is as serious as a third-degree burn. Road rash is very painful but can be treated.

There can be complications, however. The cuts and bruises can become infected. There may be nerve damage. There is often scarring, which may require skin grafts and other types of plastic surgery. In some cases, the motorcyclist may be unable to work for some time, resulting in a loss of income.

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