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Thousands of businesses in the greater Nashville area use commercial trucks. The drivers of these trucks often have a schedule to follow. A truck accident can easily happen that leaves people seriously hurt. That’s when you need an attorney who knows how to help you recover financial compensation. Call Thompson Law. We can help.

There are many different types of commercial trucks. They can include box trucks, vans, cargo vans, dump trucks, and tow trucks. Drivers need to have specific training and qualifications to operate these vehicles, and it only takes one act of negligence to cause a serious accident.

Attorney Christopher “Kim” Thompson knows the impact an injury can have on victims of a commercial vehicle accident. They can suffer injuries to head, neck or back. They may require surgery, hospitalization, medication and physical therapy. Medical expenses can add up quickly. If victims are unable to return to work, it can become hard to pay the bills.

A lawyer who will fight for your rights

If you were injured in a commercial truck accident caused by negligence, you deserve financial compensation. Recovering compensation can be complicated. One reason is that negligent drivers typically don’t accept responsibility for the crash. They may deny doing anything wrong and may even try to blame you.

Another reason is that insurance companies don’t have your best interests in mind. They are mostly concerned with protecting their bottom line. Their goal is to keep their profits as high as possible. So, they try to keep their payouts as low as possible. They have many tactics they use to try to minimize your compensation.

Attorney Thompson knows them all. He used to work for insurance companies as a claims adjuster. He saw how they questioned the extent of people’s injuries, and how they insisted other injuries existed before an accident. He saw them make lowball settlement offers that fell far short of covering all the damages people suffered.

As a lawyer, he helps truck accident victims fight back against the insurance companies. He starts by investigating your accident to get the facts. He gathers evidence and carefully reviews accident reports and medical records. He identifies and interviews witnesses. If needed, he consults accident reconstruction experts who can help explain what happened.

Holding negligent parties accountable

The driver in your accident may have been speeding, operating recklessly or distracted. In some cases, the company that owns the truck can also be held responsible. They may have given the driver an unrealistic delivery schedule. Or they may have failed to properly maintain or repair the truck.

When insurance companies see that attorney Thompson has built a strong case that holds negligent parties accountable, they often agree to negotiate. They realize that going to court may not turn out well for them. Attorney Thompson is only interested in a resolution of your case that meets your needs.

If you were injured in an accident with a commercial truck, it’s important to consult an attorney as soon as possible. You generally have only one year after the accident to take legal action and it can take time to build a case. In addition, over time the memories of witnesses can fade. And evidence may be lost or destroyed. Don’t delay.

Learn more about how a truck accident attorney can help you with your case. Contact attorney Thompson today to schedule a free consultation.

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