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You’ve been injured in a truck accident caused by negligence. You feel you deserve financial compensation for your injuries. The insurance company is supposed to help, but it seems like they are working against you. You need a lawyer who knows how to deal with insurance companies. Call Thompson Law.

The first thing you need to realize is that insurance companies are not on your side. They do not have your best interests in mind after you’ve been hurt in a crash. Their main goal is to protect their bottom line. They want to keep their profits high. So, they try to keep their payouts low. If it seems like they are trying to pay you as little as possible, it’s because they are.

Attorney Christopher “Kim” Thompson is very familiar with how insurance companies operate in response to an accident. He used to work as a claims adjuster for insurance companies. He saw the steps they took to minimize compensation. He became a lawyer so he can help the injured recover the financial compensation they deserve.

Some of the tactics insurance companies may use include:

Disputing the extent of your injuries – You know very well how much you’ve been hurt in the accident. The insurance company may insist that your injuries aren’t as bad as they seem. They may question the need for certain treatment. Or they will insist that you get an independent medical evaluation – from a doctor who they think will see things their way.

Arguing your injuries were pre-existing – You may have injured your back in a truck accident. The insurance company will want to know if you’ve ever hurt your back before. They’ll even seek access to your medical records. They’ll insist your injury had nothing to do with the accident.

Asking you some questions – This sounds pretty reasonable but the insurance company isn’t asking you questions just to find out what happened. They are trying to get you to say something they can use against you. If you are asked by an insurance company to answer some questions or make a statement, explain that you need to talk to a lawyer first.

Making you a settlement offer – It might seem like there’s nothing wrong with the insurance company offering you money. They may promise quick payment. They may tell you it’s the best they can do. Don’t believe them. Their offer won’t come close to covering all of the damages you have suffered in the accident.

Blaming you for what happened – Tennessee uses a comparative modified negligence system to resolve accident claims. Even if the evidence proves that a truck driver or trucking company caused the accident that left you hurt, insurance companies may still try to put some of the blame on you. That’s because if they are successful, they won’t have to pay you as much.

Attorney Thompson focuses on the facts in your truck accident. He gathers information and evidence. He reviews accident reports and medical witnesses. He identifies and interviews witnesses. If needed, he consults accident reconstruction experts. Thompson Law builds strong cases that hold negligent parties accountable and helps you recover financial compensation.

If you’ve been injured in a truck accident in Davidson or a surrounding county, you need an experienced truck accident attorney on your side. Contact attorney Kim Thompson today to schedule a free consultation.

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